Are Your Feet Summer Ready?

Ok let’s be honest i think we tend to forget our feet in the whole skin care routine , it’s easily done but what if you wear sandals? , open toe heels? slidders? or want to go bare foot ? There’s nothing worse then dry skin or hard skin on your feet/heels right? It’s unsightly.

The Product …

So when Superdrug sent me some Foot Peeling Socks i was as happy as kid in a sweet shop !!  As i do tend to get quite hard skin on the back of my heels these are just what i needed,  i always seem to forget my feet and the care of them so these were a pleasant surprise.

I’ve never tried these before, I’ve tried the Nourishing socks, foot scrub and lotion which are fab can i say the smells are divine too! . But the Foot Peeling Socks? They are new thing to me ,i didn’t even know you could get these , i know the shame i’m so out of touch ! Specially formulated with a blend of AHA’s these socks , removes dead skin and leaves skin feeling soft and healthy looking.


The Results…

These little beauties are incredible !! I must admit the aroma is a little potent but it’s bloody effective. Not so nice my skin was peeling off a few days after use but hey that’s what it says on the tin !! SO TO SPEAK.

Gross i know ( pics below ! I’m sorry🙈 ) , but my skin underneath it all is ridiculously smooth and soft like the softness of a baby’s bum ! sorry only reference i could think of ( mum brain) . It states the skin will feel softer and look visibly healthier after just 2 weeks, WELL i can say after 5 days now it’s already doing so. Superdrug you win! i can’t fault this product THANK YOU !! .


Most definitely going to be using these from now on , my feet will look amazing for summer !!


Vicky Xx

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