Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Beauty Products i’m loving right now…

Where do you start in a world full of so many beauty companies? I for one don’t have the answer but i’ve been through my fair share, money i’d like to say well spent but in reality not. I’m 31 years old and I’ve finally found the products i love and i won’t change ( until the next amazing product comes along hey ! )

But as it stands i’m going to let you know my favourite products so far out there, hopefully give you some inspirations and maybe save you a few pounds.

  • So foundation , i use the body shops Fresh Nude Foundation , it’s the best yet without a doubt . It smells great and all you need is a small amount for coverage meaning it will last so its great value for money i’d say.
  • I use for my eyes Tanya burrs mascara Selfie Lash which leaves your eyelashes clump free , i love that ! there’s not many that do leave them clump free ! i do also use Clinique’s High Impact Mascara just to add more colour if i want the eyelashes to be a bit darker.

  • I use Clinique’s highlighter sometimes and i definitely love this one , it’s a stick version and it really doesn’t leave to much shine which i really don’t like.

  • i use a blusher from LAQA & Co  and it’s a beautiful colour giving that English rose type look , it’s very subtle and elegant.

  • Eyebrow pencil is a must for me as eyebrows are minimal to not existing for me so i use W7 Super Brows eyebrow pencil and I’ve used this for quite some time now and it’s never failed me!

  • Sometimes i contour when i can be bothered (rarely) but when i do i use W7 contour stick and it’s actually really good the colours are perfect.

  • To remove it all i use Clinique’s Take The Day Off make up remover ! i adore this stuff its perfect , works wonders and leaves the skin feeling super soft .

There we have it some beauty products i actually love and wouldn’t be without !! what are yours? 

Vicky Xx

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