Parisian Style Ideas…

Parisian Style…

OK , if any of you know me by now you will know i love the French Parisian chic look/vibes, i also love the lifestyle of these elegant beautiful woman. I try to incorporate that style/vibe into my own style and life , but keep my personality shining through as much as i can .

What does the Parisian style include?

So here’s where i help you with a few classic Parisian must haves!

1. Bottoms.

Jeans! any skinny jeans are a must to be worn with flats or heels is a classic Parisian style. The classic white jeans are also a popular choice, although i don’t actually own any white pairs! It’s time in invest i think . Topshop have some great skinny jeans.


2. Trench.

We all know a classic trench will never go out of fashion and for the Parisian style this is no different! It’s a must for any wardrobe. Dress it down with casual skinny jeans and white tee , or dress it up with the office work look and killer heels . I have a lovely trench from Marks & Spencers. But John Lewis do amazing trench coats !!



The classic Parisian style top is either a Breton stripe or little white T, both of which i love and are so effortlessly stylish and cool. Iv’e added another to this list though and that’s a blazer preferably Black or Check, they are super smart and can go well with white skinny jeans and heels or a smart trouser suit !




4. Ballet Flats

A firm favourite of mine , comfortable, stylish and breathable. What’s not to love about these type of shoes ? they can be worn with dresses, jeans , formal clothing etc and still look the part . Colour wise i tend to opt for the white colours , greys and blacks .




5. Sunglasses

OK, I have a unhealthy collection of sunglasses ! but in my defence we all need a different pair to go with the different style of outfit. The classic Parisian sunglasses are those that are chunky ! bigger the better . The colour tends to lean towards Black or dark tones, maybe even Back with hints of White.





6. Classic Bags

The typical bags you’ll see any Parisian style woman carry are these, a Clutch bag , a Cross Body , a Satchel , a Tote/Shopper and a Utility bag! The Clutch is great for a ‘on the go’ type of girl and for girly nights out! Cross Body works great for a hands free look or perfect for those festival days! The Satchel is a reliable bag that’s perfect for the office and then onto a date without change. Tote/Shopper is perfect when you are carrying the kitchen sink ! no really this bag is a must for when you need to carry everything !


7. Versatile Scarf

The Parisian’s devotion to the silk square is timeless, it’s versatility is great being able to wear it many ways says this is all you need for a scarf.  The ways to wear a silk square scarf are to wear it loosely around your neck , wrapped around multiple times, wear it with a knot at the back so it drapes to a point at the front or to tie it to the side as a neck tie.




There you have the Parisian style , timeless , elegant and simple, the french ladies certainly know how to dress and live!!


Vicky Xx

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