Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes I look inside my wardrobe and think to myself i have far to many items !! and sometimes i think i don’t have enough how can that be? i don’t know ! but i need to de-clutter big time. So sharing this with you will probably help me de-clutter at the same time!

SO, what does your wardrobe need to consist of ? here’s where I’m hoping to help you with these essential items and maybe like me you can get rid of un-wanted, unnecessary items, and get back a wardrobe that isn’t bursting at the seams. Let’s start !


Tailored Coat :

Structure!! it’s all about structure, shape needs to not be a worry as long as you have this key ingredient! It can have straight lines, cinched waist, short long whatever as long as it’s structured.

TIP: If you can only own one coast due to costs etc then make it a neutral colour, they are most versatile and you wont get tired of it! easy to accessories also,



Lets start with what jackets to own

  1. Biker Jacket
  2. Denim Jacket
  3. Bomber Jacket
  4. Blazer

Biker Jacket: What a great way to add an edgy rock look to your wardrobe, opt for a short biker jacket and layer it over longer layers. Such as T-shirts, sweaters and oversized dresses.

Denim Jacket: Try to find an old one or a thrift shop one, distressed but not artificially distressed. Wear with dresses, T-shirts, sweaters, well actually anything they are so versatile. Customise it for a unique look with brooches, pins, dyes or fabric pens and add your own detail.

Bomber Jacket: A fun piece to add to your wardrobe but not the most versatile, due to most bomber jackets come in a range of colours. Mix it with basics such as a plain white Tee or dresses, neutral ones though.  Experiment with the length get short or long depending on your taste.

Blazer: A general rule of thumb is to make sure the blazer shoulder seams follow the lines of your shoulders. Hip length, single breasted one button blazers are suited for most body types so if your unsure then stick to these ones.



OK, there are many types of dresses so whats best to definitely own? here are 5 essential ones.

  1. LBD, little Black Dress
  2. Bright Cocktail Dress
  3. Evening Dress
  4. Warm Dress
  5. Beach/City Dress


Little Black Dress: Make sure its a perfect fit, Not much detail on it making it easy to dress up or down!

Bright Cocktail Dress: Always make sure it enhances your complexion, perfect dress to own as there are always events happening and weddings to attend.

Evening Dress: Something more edgy then the LBD, maybe sequins, transparency or an edgy cut to it .

Warm Dress: This is for the cooler seasons trust me you will need one, make sure its comfortable for layering up also.

Beach/City Dress: Floaty works for both beach and city it will give you some breathing space and air. Floral dresses are a cute style, bringing in that femininity dress down with sandals or flats, dress up with wedges or kitten heels.


A timeless basic shirt is a must have for your wardrobe, it can be casual or sophisticated. Make sure its good quality fabric and the correct fit, collars such as peter pan or Victorian can’t be worn open so be aware of that. Dress the shirt/blouse down by rolling up the sleeves and opening a few buttons, maybe even tie it at the front. Dress it up with Accessories, the fitting being more tailored rather than being to baggy.


Generally opt for basics as this will come in handy and goes with any look, So your plain trusty white T or black tee is fab. V-necks and scoop are sexier and easy to layer, where as crew necks are sportier and thicker to layer.

Avoid long-sleeved t-shirts unless layering them.


Ok let’s start with the basic colours to have.

  1. Dark Blue
  2. Light Blue
  3. White
  4. Black

Now the styles to own.

  1. Skinny
  2. Flare
  3. Boyfriend


Skinny Jeans: Either high or low-waisted, cropped or full-length skinny jeans suit every girl with curves contrary to what you may have heard. They make hips appear smaller without adding and width, however if your legs lack curves opt for another style jean such as the boyfriend jeans.

Flare Jeans: These are tight at the hip and flare out from either below hips or below knees. For a classic look opt for high-waisted ones, the width tends to shorten your silhouette so wear with heels or platforms.

Boyfriend Jeans: Worn low on the hips with low pockets on the bottom, these jeans suit the more androgynous woman, tall slimmer woman or curvy sporty woman. I like to roll them up to show my ankle and wear them with ankle boots or kitten heels.



  1. The Classy flat
  2. The Summer Sandal
  3. The Sexy Heel
  4. Sneakers

The Classy Flat: We should all own flats our feet need a rest, it’s useful to own two pairs one for winter one for summer. There are loafers, ballet pumps,derbies/oxfords and many more.

The Summer Sandal:  When it comes to summer you definitely need a light version of everything in you wardrobe and that includes shoes. There are so many options out there to choose from such as flat sandals, heeled sandals, platforms and wedges.

The Sexy Heel: We all need a great pair of sexy heels, empowering us as we where them. But what do we go for ? how high ? here’s a few that make great essentials for the wardrobe. They could be courts, ankle boots, thigh-high boots or even peeptoes, here are my top 3 sexy heels .

  1. Court shoes
  2. Ankle boots
  3. Long Boots

Sneakers:  The best sneakers you can own are a pair of basic, neutral tones one they go with practically everything ! maybe own two pairs one slightly of warmer colour. Below the ankle sneakers work better than higher top ones as they are easier to match outfits. The best thing about neutral sneakers is they will never go out of trend, unlike crazy shapes and colours that come and go so fast ! then your stuck with a pair of sneakers that are outdated ( I kinda like that though )

Here’s some timeless sneakers to own :  

  1. Converse
  2. Adidas Stan Smith
  3. Vans Authentic
  4. Nike Air


That’s it !!! have I helped de-clutter your wardrobe or have i just added bits too it ?!

At the start of this I was all for getting rid of items, but i think i may have just added more to my wardrobe too !! FAIL HAHAHA

That’s it guys and girls, Wardrobe Essentials! hopefully I’ve inspired you to have a re-work of your clothes and added some fab items to it!

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Let me know if this has helped you even helped de-clutter, it really hasn’t helped me though !! I need new bits.



Vicky  x


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essentials

    1. Bombers are always tricky to style , i find with a navy one lighter denim jeans look fab with a plain white T its a classic , simple yet cool look. or you could opt to go grungier with black jeans and light grey T . A little different but it goes well with a neutral tone dress , hope that helps beautiful xx

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