Christmas Gift Guide…

It’s that time of year again and December is fast approaching, what do we get our loved ones? I have children, family and my partner to buy for, when i think about it its daunting. However just because i have lots of people to get gifts for doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or stressful at all. I actually love shopping at Christmas it’s so magical, but don’t get to carried away with the magic and forget how much you’ve spent. I have set myself a budget for each person and i keep to it, that way i know my over total and it may even be less if there are deals out there. So here’s a few ideas on gifts for your family and friends this Christmas .


We all know a lady and a little black dress have an awesome love affair going on, so here’s a beauty from BE JEALOUS, Click image for more details.

OK, lets talk Beauty and this is a perfect little gift for your lady. Benefits Cosmetics is a famous brand for eyebrows, mascara and highlighter the 3 most common things that we use when applying makeup. so this gift is perfect!


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the obligatory Christmas jumper, and this one from Miss Selfridge is amazing and cosy! did i mention the price is amazing! click image for more.

How about a book, if your anything like me a good book as a gift is perfect, this one from Waterstones is a bestseller. Sentimental education at its best!


OK, so the lady has  a Christmas jumper what about the man?? Oh here you go then it’s from Topman 

Dressing up time, going for the Christmas meal or to a party? Need a shirt? this one from Jack Wills is perfect and super stylish, not to mention smart.

What about a selection of gifts? a hamper sounds perfect right, who doesn’t love a good hamper full of goodies. Hampergifts do great ones like this.

Wanna know the time out and about but don’t have a watch?! don’t worry here’s one for you from John Lewis 


Who can forget the image of children on Christmas morning opening gifts, i for one can’t! so here’s a few items for some little and not so little ladies to start you off from Marks&Spencers.

                    Age 3-16yrs                              Age 3 mnts – 7 yrs                          


 Age  3-16yrs                                 Age 3-16yrs


Size 13 Small – 6 Large                              Pyjamas 3-16 Years                             


              Age 3-14 yrs 


Not forgetting the boys/young gentleman in this scenario, here’s a few items of clothing that are fab for Christmas from Marks&Spencers too.

                 Age 3-16 yrs                                    Age 3-16 yrs


           Age 3-16yrs                                           Age 3-16yrs


            Size 4 small -11 small                       Pyjamas 3-16 Years                    


Boots 13 Small – 7 Large


Not forgetting your family gifts for you all to enjoy are just as important, so here’s a few from Tesco Direct



Christmas Gift Guide complete, hope you have taken away some wonderful ideas for the family and friends.

As always thank you so much for your support and kind comments, I’m so grateful for you all.

Vicky x