Need Energy and Sleep?

THAT BEING SAID….. I’ve stumbled across these guys NEUBRIA, with lots of research done about them on my part (VERY IMPORTANT) and consulting my GP I started taking Neubria CHARGE and Neubria DRIFT. I have taken a month supply of both supplements, taking 2 tablets of each daily. The CHARGE supplements are not to be taken less than 4 hours before sleep and the DRIFT supplements to be taken 1 hour before bed. Below I’ll explain both and what it is they do. But lets introduce Neubria….



Neubria is a company that recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body. They have worked with leading industry experts to create a range of cutting-edge supplements that use the power of heavily researched, botanical ingredients to address the key areas of personal health. These include cognitive performance, energy levels and sleep quality – the foundation of healthy living!

They have an impressive Scientific Advisory Board that includes leading experts from the fields of Neuroscience, Medicine, Nutrition and Human Performance to ensure we always stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in emerging science. MEETING CURRENT LEGISLATION! INGREDIENCE SAFETY! INGREDIENCE EFFICACY! INGREDIENCE COMPATIBILITY! AND ….


All Neubria products are in line with the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority guidelines.

Neubria CHARGE….

Designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue, for people in search of a natural burst of energy to see them through a particular task or day. Its balanced recipe can perk you up after a morning workout, help you stay motivated through a long day and give you the staying power to remain at your best through a tough meeting, without any of the jittery side effects of traditional caffeine-based products.

It has a blend of six natural botanical ingredients carefully chosen for their natural ability to combat tiredness and fatigue. Ingredients ranging from Guarana and Maca Extracts to American Siberian and Korean Ginseng Extracts, each has been shown by clinical studies to provide a natural energy release.

In addition to this, the development team has included vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and Folate, L-Theanine and Cocoa Extract to provide an even longer-lasting energy boost.


My Opinion …

As I’ve stated I have taken a month supply and there is a huge difference I have much more energy, within about an hour of taking them I feel I have more drive and I’m less sluggish lasting a good 3-4 hours for myself. Don’t worry either as it’s a gradual ease down. I’m genuinely shocked with the results if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much and if at all they’d work but they really do!! Definitely helps add a little boost if i have a busy day ahead. I would recommend them to anyone with the advice to make sure with your Doctor that they’re safe to take for you if you have any underlying health issues and medication you may be taking for it. Just to be safe.

Neubria DRIFT….

Neubria Drift has been expertly designed to support quality sleep and relaxation, helping you establish a night routine that leaves you waking refreshed and restored.The premium ingredients included in Neubria Drift have been carefully selected on the basis of extensive scientific research. Formulated specifically for people who struggle to relax at the end of a long and often stressful day.

Neubria Drift contains our tailored Bliss Botanical Complex – a blend of four botanical ingredients that work together to support relaxation and healthy sleep. The complex includes Lemon Balm Extract, Hops Extract, Chamomile Extract and Saffron Extract, all of which have demonstrated sleep-inducing properties. Neubria Drift’s ability to aid your sleep is further enhanced by the inclusion of l-tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that interacts with the brain chemicals most important to sleep, and the timing of your biological clock’s sleep-wake cycle.


My Opinion….

Ok, this one I was most unsure of because my sleep patterns tend to be very all over the place and disrupted. So I really didn’t think taking a supplement would do anything for me, but I took a month’s course as well as trying to unwind better before bed and it made a difference, I’ve noticed my sleep is better I don’t wake up feeling like I haven’t had enough sleep or its been a restless night , it feels like I slept like the dead but awoke feeling refreshed and ready the day. I’m honestly impressed with the results and would recommend these as well It’s changed the sceptic in me a little.  I’m impressed!!


There you have it a company that genuinely works and is safe to use! go check them out they have a range of supplements to suit your needs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Vicky Xx